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As the saying goes, Free advice isn’t worth the paper it’s written on”. Therefore, you are being charged for the advice. However, 15% of the TIER II and TIER III fees will be donated to a charity of YOUR choice.

TIER I: No cost – The reply to your question may be posted on this web site for all to read within thirty days. However, your name will not be disclosed.

TIER II: $47.50 (US$) per response - The reply to your question will NOT be posted on this web site. The response to you is both PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. The reply will be sent to you by email within 72 hours.

TIER III: $95.00 (US$) per response – The reply will be sent to you by email within 24 hours. The conversation with you is both PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL.

TIER IV: $450.00 (US$) – annual fee- Subscription Service - access to TIER II for an entire year. You can only submit one question per month.

Use any credit card accepted by PAYPAL. Total amount is payable in advance. Please submit the total amount to us. We will send a check to the charity of your choice. Please tell us the charity of your choice plus its address.

                                           SAMPLE QUESTION No. 1: “Are the corporate ‘official’ documents such as a code of conduct,    

employee handbook, etc. legally enforceable or do they just constitute expressions of opinion,   

intentions, and/or "puffing" for the purposes of marketing the organization, and statements of future circumstance?

         RESPONSE: “Unless it states otherwise, the so-called “’official’ documents are just puffery and for the purposes of marketing the organization, and statements of future circumstance that are designed to attract you to join the company.”

SAMPLE QUESTION No. 2: “is there such a thing as 100% digital security?

RESPONSE: “No. It is always possible that there could be a gap in your security. The first element in effective cybis employee awareness not the preventive technology or software.” 



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